Recall list

There are things in game that can be recalled even if a character has no lore or skils. It still may take a few times for your char to recall anything. Here is a list:


aceras acma acorn alika aloe ambertooth ang nut banzar
banzar supply company banzarian basket weaving bazaar bazaar lane betony black blood black truffle
blackberry blueberries borage bracal bracelets brain fungus brawling breaking
brokentooth burnedfoot butchering cackri carpentry circlets climbing clothtearer
clover copper corn crescentclaw daemon daffodil dalara dalarian
dandelion danvi dark tongue demons desert plume dock street dogsilver draite
dyes edder edra ella eloin empress eramel faweho
feast fenril first aid lore fish hook fishing fishing pole flax forest heart
galemon ganah garlic gashin gathering geology ghostshadow ginger
glass blowing glass making glass working gobbish gold grassrunner graveston gregor macmanus
gren'al hand fungus hawkshelf hemp henbane herntan hiata icious
imperial rowan iris iron ironwood grove islands jasmine joint fir kana
keror kono kttik laga lavender logging low rowan lurker demon
magic mandrake marrow wort metal working leather working miilin miner's lettuce mining
moon of evil moon of knowledge moonfollow moorva moorvic morning star mothcatcher munar
mushroom mysrra clans nettle nightshade nonni nonni's herb shop northern oasis cactus
oldmountain ooze orange pecan pineview ports pottery working quorkis
rat cave redfish reinsarn risingsun roghasoldarian rose rosemary saghi
sailor's road samual samual's leather sandcrosser scarback seagull road shadow water shaman
sheet fungus shilalein shiwi silver silverfaith smithing snaketail southern
spearmint spinning stone carving stone masonry strawberries strawberry summoning sunguarder
swampberry swimming tamoth tamoth's smithy taproot tarantus tarot tattoo
terrino the king of edra the one true tongue thyme toni ukoric underworld underworld lore
varnah verdant isles vervain vikel vikel's keep volksch weaving white truffle
whittling wickerskin windsong plains windvoice witch's hair xerlian yam yarrow
yuzla yuzla blossom


Don't forget to read the helpfile with 'help recall'. Keep in mind there are other things your character can recall (which are not on the list) depending on its experience or knowledge on the matter. As your character progresses, it may recall more information.